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...You may well ask why I don't try out these monitors in my own studio. My room is small, 12 x 16 x 8 (H) small, and I'm willing to do whatever room treatment will be required. I'll be talking with GIK and RealTraps about that...
That is the most important step.

Honestly, it doesn't matter which you pick. In a great room they'll all work just fine. It will come down to your personal preference. Asking someone else is like asking someone else to test drive a car that you're interested in. Ultimately their opinion doesn't matter. But your room does matter, more than which brand name is on the box of your speakers.

If you want honest opinions, and not mostly unqualified user anecdotes and the ubiquitous BS then the types of folks that most likely give those are those that review gear as an occupation. A professional user gets what they personally like/want and is very unlikely to seriously do "head to head" types of comparisons.

You might try checking over at SOS forums. Hugh Robjohns reviews stuff like this all the time and despite what people might conjecture about SOS, I have found, through my use of gear they happened to have reviewed, that they don't typically stray far from honest, real world experience based opinions about gear they've covered.