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Oh man, these poor guys must be biting into their own knees - as we say in Germany -.

5,6 mHz ...

I used to watch the discussions where people tried to explain in a scientific way that higher samplerates than 48 kHz couldnĀ“t bring any improvement and I as total layman of physics knew this to be not right.

Higher resolution must be progressive approach to analog waves. Now that you say 2.8 million steps per second this seems to come into the range of magnetic tape, respectively the resolution you have with molecular magnets in it.
... Might even pass it ... probably will, if not right now some time later. Sounds just logical to me.

Guess this will also "shift" the digital over and make digital domain just as and even better then tape distortion. The guys here would hunt me for saying so, but I bet there will be indeed no practical use left for tape soon. Not that I would want it, but I estimate so .... again as a layman.