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Old 25th July 2006
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Not having used the Great River it's hard for me to say what the best method for hooking it up to the Mbox will be. I'd suggest getting an XLR-1/4" balanced cable and try that first. I think that should be fine. Otherwise try running 1/4" to 1/4", maybe unbalanced? It looks like the 1/4" outputs on the GR are unbalanced (for use with a mixer when monitoring) but I could be wrong about that.

Just keep an eye on the clipping lights on the Mbox as it is sometimes easy to clip the converters.

Just so you know; here is how I hook up my Hamptone. Hamptone preamp (XLR to unbalanced 1/4") to FMR RNC (Stereo Y Insert cable with only the out plugged into the RNC) to the Mbox insert. works great for me.... You could try hooking a stereo Y cable out to the 1/4" outputs on the GR and the stereo plug into the Mbox insert.

Don't try and run the GR insert into the Mbox though, because the GR insert patches in before the output amplifier stage. (according to GR's site)