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Old 1st August 2012
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My friend is the greatest musician i have ever met, seen, or played with. He has made a good living for the past 9 years doing nothing but music. If you are good, money will always be there for you. Without good songs you can't rely on money coming from your music. Not everyone is entitled to making enough money to live off of music. If you are talented and can't earn a living its a shame, if you are average and can't make a living there is nothing wrong with that scenario.

As far as the decline of record sales, im my opinion it coincides perfectly with the decline of good songs being written and recorded. After 1999 the number of good songs released declined rapidly. Either labels started signing worse bands or good bands stopped forming and seeking out labels. Good music still sells itself, people will buy what is good, what is just ok they will not buy but will take for free.

Napster didn't ruin Metallica, Metallica stopped writing cool songs. They hadn't produced a good album in 8 years and then they blamed Napster for their decreased income. People didn't stop buying their albums because they pirated them, they stopped buying them because the albums weren't good. This type of thing happened all the time long before the internet.

A good album will still sell, crap won't sell. There was a time when crap would get bought up, and it still happens sometimes - look at John Mayer's last 3 albums.