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Jules, the m audio box looks like it would be killer, and then just use Garage Band and it's podcast capabilities to fly in pics and stuff. A Couple of decent Lav mics for interviews and your set.
If it was say, a round table discussion, you may want to cary a little mixer so you can pan and get levels right to stereo to avoid later futzing around. I was pretty impressed with GarageBand's integration, and the way it uploads to .MAC via Iweb is pretty sick.

Were starting to do that through our iweb pages to document the recording process with some development artist's.

I realize people rag all over iweb for having icky code and all, but for me, the fact that it works, and i can update the page, do the photo/podcast stuff with out thinking too hard about it, makes it pretty damn hard to shoot holes in.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.