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I'm in the exact same position as you at the moment. I've used reason ever since v1, and I recently have decided it does not sound good enough for me. I'm seriously looking into the Native Instruments stuff. I downloaded the demo versions, and have been blown away. I'm a sound slut, and with NI I have finally been able to do things I have never been able to do "easily" with reason. Kontakt 2 sounds way better than the NNXT. I love Kontakt's ability to create chord and harmony structures off a root note. Also, absynth sounds almost like an acoustic instrument rather than an electronic one. Like the Bassoon spread patch, sounds like a processed bassoon. Oh, and the available sample libraries for Kontakt are insane! Reason does not stand a chance, plus all the tech awards NI has won. As for working with Pro Tools, seamless, NI works just like a plug-in, and I love sequencing in pro tools way better than reason anyway. My only problem is cpu drain.
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