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Old 23rd July 2006
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Not sure podcasting adds anything to this problem, which appears to be getting a decent portable location interviewing kit. What you do with the audio after the recording is pretty much irrelevant.

We have recorded some spoken word interviews and conferences and found the best results with a Royer SF12/24 for sit down, across the table stuff, as you can hang one mic in the middle and both sides work even with four participants. For moving lecturers, some little radio packs and the some of the thoroughly excellent DPA 4060's clipped to lapels/hair/headband work the best of all, no other mics come close to these for decent output and tonal accuracy.

Record this to stereo with any of the hard disk recorders or laptop and you are done. I have heard some monumentally woeful podcasts in the computer profession, which were recorded with Skype phones, mobile phones, heaps of pulsating/breathing compression and where you are subjected to all the saliva and scottish mouth music from the interviewer and almost nothing from the interviewee.

Its not a podcast problem, its simply a normal recording problem to be solved with good mics, good mic placement, and good preamps.