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Originally Posted by aroundtheworld View Post
As an observer of this sub-thread, I find it amusing how...
and i find it amusing you write like the nerdy cousin from the fresh prince of bell air talks. so i guess we all find different things amusing...

(do you actually talk like that in real life, or just pretend to on the internet because it sounds so classy?!)

Originally Posted by aroundtheworld View Post
"Gotchas" are the rhetorical embodiment of the state of being technically correct ....
gotchas are nothing more than a poor substitute for a real argument, or actual knowledge.

regarding "pedantry": i think you've confused my (oft criticized) sense of humour with that impressive big word, carlton.

taking the piss is the way i amuse myself when interesting discussion fails here. i admit that. (but i think it always comes across a lot harder in writing than the live show... dunno.) anyway, it's one of the only things i find fun about the internet anymore... don't take that away from me too! it's kind of a guilty pleasure...