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googling bits of information you want to use to derail the discussion with your childish gotcha routine does not constitute "research".

it's pretty embarrassing you think it is.

that's funny, i was about to say people like you undermine discussions with straw-man arguments and childish gotcha tactics.
As an observer of this sub-thread, I find it amusing how someone so drawn to pedantry and condescension (reference links merely representative rather than comprehensive) can decry the use of so-called "gotcha" corrections in response to his own misstatements. It is when one is shown to be both incorrect and lacking in a suitable excuse for the inaccuracy that a "gotcha" is claimed to minimize the impact of the error.

"Gotchas" are the rhetorical embodiment of the state of being technically correct (the best kind of correct!) and those who denounce them do so only as a shield for the weakness of their own position. Consider yourself vindicated by the forfeit, emilision.