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einstein (emilision), i meant doing research on the topics that are actually important to the thread.

those being: 1) the decline in music sales as it relates to the internet 2) copyright (subjects of which you clearly only know what you've read on a web page somewhere, or watched a youtube video about.)

googling bits of information you want to use to derail the discussion with your childish gotcha routine does not constitute "research".

it's pretty embarrassing you think it is.

Originally Posted by emilision View Post
People like you undermine a discussion...
that's funny, i was about to say people like you undermine discussions with straw-man arguments and childish gotcha tactics. (or naive, if you prefer. )

Originally Posted by emilision View Post can't discuss what's actually written.
i've lost all interest in discussing what you write. (i'm totally interested in what a lot of others are writing.)

at first you seemed interesting (or at least interested), then you were kind of amusing (but it was all in good fun, honest!), and now it's clear you're just a waste of time.

(i had over 30 hours of stems to print this week: a lot of sitting around bored out of my skull. and that's over now.
so this is the part where i press the mute button: ____________)