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I understand the point you're making, and I agree with you; but, the point I'm trying to make is that it's implications are potentially damaging other aspects of the internet...
the can be potential "unintended consequences" in just about anything, but we do the best we can to balance the rights of all citizens for a fair and just society. online, artists and creators have been denied all rights, and compensation is completely optional.

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I don't think Wikipedia would have backed the anti-SOPA thing so much if it was just legislation protecting artists rights...
I think that's naive. It's about money. Wikipedia broke it's own principle of neutrality during the black out. I can never look at it as an objective source of information ever again. Every internet company has an agenda to allow the illegal exploitation of artists work, because it's just about the only thing that generates enough traffic to make advertising make sense online.

If the internet were completely legal the valuations of ad rates (and some of the largest online companies with it) would plummet like a rock. That is the truth.