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More hardcore than my view:

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An individual who disagrees with the public consensus on the treatment of these works, as embodied in the form of ********ic law, is not entitled to therefore subvert it
What we have is millions of individuals who (supposedly) disagree with the law and who are subverting it.
The ********ic consensus is to uphold current copyright law. I'm not a copyright evangelist and wouldn't have written what you wrote, but I do strongly think if people aren't happy with the way entertainment is delivered, or it's price, they should act to change copyright ********ically, not 'subvert' the law based on their own situation (often financial).
So I give you The Pirate Party Australia. I applaud their desire to amend copyright through ********ic means. However, they can't get enough support (minimum 100 voters) to even register as a legitimate party for a bi-election in one of our major cities. We are pretty sure that more than 100 people in a city of several million have in all likelihood infringed copyright, right?

So it's sort of ironic that you feel strongly that 'individuals should not subvert' copyright laws, and yet we are almost always on opposite sides of this debate.