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But Wales is actively supporting a british student who was earning thousands of dollars a week by promoting unathorized television downloads.
Since you are repeatedly referencing this case counter to the forum rules, I will address it only briefly: Jimmy Wales started a petition (235,000 signatures at present) on the petition site calling on the UK Home Office to block the extradition to the US of a 24-year-old English student.

It is a complicated political matter quite aside from the nature of the site that O'Dwyer operated (which itself hosted no infringing content), because many believe that the US is bullying the UK in demanding that O'Dwyer be extradited on the basis of a controversial charge, despite never having set foot in the United States. Now, as an American, I don't know why all you foreigners bother getting so uppity about relinquishing your citizens to us in answering to our laws -- which rightfully have a global reach -- so frankly I think that Wales and the rest of the several hundred thousand petition signatories are wrong on this one, but to each his own (as long as each is an American!).

(Warning: sarcasm may have preceeded this disclaimer.)