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Living in Australia myself I have to disagree with 'Kaoz'.
The scene here is very difficult to sustain. Many artists are part timers.
There is a plethora of cover bands playing the major venues - Tribute To Bob Dylan, Classic Albums Live etc.
There is a very bleak future for young Aussie musicians, due to the poor state of the live scene here, poor record sales (other than for US/UK artists) and the tyranny of distance.

But then when 'Kaoz' states the 'industry deserves to die', you can see how confused this person is.
I wasn't actually being serious with the deserves to die comment.

And I think you misread what I said - I've said plenty of times that the current state of affairs with the local industry is nowhere near what it was in the 90's (the second great peak of Aussie pub rock).

Having said that, if you're a top musician, there is still a lot of work out there, and you can make a comfortable living off of it, but it's definitely tougher when talking about a band, as opposed to an individual musician.

I will accept the confused tag though - just call me the Nigel Tuffnel of the forum.