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Originally Posted by Deleted 0833250 View Post
everyone knows The Beatles are the best selling artists of all time...yawn indeed.
i think in your convoluted quest towards whatever it is you're trying to prove (which i'm still not sure about?), you've forgotten the original point you were trying to make. (which was a contradiction to begin with )

Originally Posted by Deleted 0833250 View Post
a lot of the chart music in the 50s/60s/70s has been forgotten by that was at the time as/more popular than the likes of Beatles...
the beatles have had more #1 hits than anybody: they were the definition of "chart music" in their time. they were a commercial radio machine. and yet you hold them in such high esteem despite this egregious offense?

so are you saying all those catchy #1 singles had nothing to do with their massive sales? (because according to you music that was "too commercial" was the downfall of the music industry... so that would be a little counter-intuitave...) or are you saying that in their particular case it's ok that they were totally commercial? (because you like them, so they get a free pass from the logic of your argument) or what?