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I kind of wonder about them two though, TBH, because they pretty much had attained artistic licence to do what ever they wanted. It almost seemed like a publicity stunt with Reznor more than anything...and Radiohead: "In a 2011 appearance on The Colbert Report, Ed O'Brien said of the self-distribution strategy: "We sell less records, but we make more money."
Well to be honest Trent was the most accessible artist from an indie scene that had been growing for a long time (example Wax Trax). Basically a pretty boy in an indie scene that the majors decided to give a shot. Would consider him 20+ years detached from the indie scene. Or anything relating to developing artists.

Also don't forget that Radiohead and NIN made their name from major labels. Sorry know this has more to do with what Kaoz and I was discussing. Just your post made me think about it.