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every one of these bands or artists were at the forefront of popular music in their time. if you think they weren't chasing sales and singles to get to where they ended up, you're even more naive than i thought. (just forget the blouse altogether man... we've already seem 'em!)

micheal jackson alone, the undisputed heavyweight king of radio pop, has outsold every single one.

(also, you conveniently left out lots of top selling artists that you don't happen to like: whitney houston, bee-gees, shania twain, mariah carey, celine dion, backstreet boys, madonna, spice girls... etc)

no, you're still not getting it. we're not talking about whether you personally think mcdonald's is good or not, we're talking about mcdonald's having the right to exist, not be exploited, and enjoy the same protections under the law, no matter what your personal opinion happens to be. you're still confusing your opinion with some sort of fact or basis for an arguement. they're not the same.
No, they weren't! Remember in my "naiveté", I was "DEAD WRONG"?!?
I'm confused now? Do you retract?

Where (in my "naiveté") did I say I had a problem with artists making money out of sales?

Michael Jackson was a talented bastard, didn't I just mention him? I'm quite sure he hasn't outsold The Beatles in overall the US or internationally. Prove me naive on this. Pretty please.

I did, and in my "naiveté" I forgot that (besides Madonna) they're all further down the ladder than the ones I just mentioned...

Are we? Really? Where (in my "naiveté") did I say I want artists to be exploited because they're inferior?

Anyways, I've got naivety to nurture; stop educating me for Christ's sake!


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