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...pretty much any movement gets wrapped into and warped by pop culture, example being look at the hippy movement or even the early 80s punk movement.
it's true that almost any movement that gathers enough steam inevitably gets watered down so that the lowest common denominator can either understand it, or at least feel they're participating. i suppose the difference between the suburban kids decking themselves out in bell-bottoms and growing their hair in the 60s and today's "free information" generation, is that the people behind the hippie movement weren't ripping off artists and raping the world to the tune of billions in profit.

Originally Posted by arrowood101 View Post becomes frustrating discussing this topic when techies and young kids that use the calling cards of these movements and have very little knowledge of the scene that developed this thought process. Also in general regurgitating what tech companies have told them. Basically losing any real original meaning.
don't i know it! (but you gotta start somewhere...)