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i think the majors have always been an easy target for the tech industry (and their legions of supporters) to point their finger at. the majors' shady history is legendary... pretty easy to hide behind.

i have no particular affinity or love for majors, but at least artists were paid, and had enforceable contracts with them etc. at this point, as you say, there are far worse evils to contend with.

another good point is how the hate for "major labels" somehow morphed into "labels" in the current tech zeitgeist. a whole generation's been duped into thinks every "label" is "evil". what about the thousands of great, ethical, profitable indie labels...? most kids are incapable of making the distinction (or could care less)...
Yep totally agree. One thought on the subject is pretty much any movement gets wrapped into and warped by pop culture, example being look at the hippy movement or even the early 80s punk movement.

At the same point it becomes frustrating discussing this topic when techies and young kids that use the calling cards of these movements and have very little knowledge of the scene that developed this thought process. Also in general regurgitating what tech companies have told them. Basically losing any real original meaning. Kind of like when Pepsi (or insert any large company) says "be unique drink Pepsi," "unique" has became a desired term, but with that does not have the original meaning any more and is just a marketing tool.

At the same point I guess it's up to the youth to make their own "scene." Which is pretty sad right now. So in a way the younger generation that has grown up with piracy and now are looking for their place in the industry, are kind of reaping what they sowed. Not that I am happy about this, but at same point some truth to it.