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... the saddest thing is that it seems a lot of the thought (anti-major label) has caught on 10 years late. But those ideas are aimed at the wrong people today. In my opinion those ideals should be aimed at everyone taking advantage of artists these days and not aimed at the majors. Basically there is worst evils these days.

i think the majors have always been an easy target for the tech industry (and their legions of supporters) to point their finger at. the majors' shady history is legendary... pretty easy to hide behind.

i have no particular affinity or love for majors, but at least artists were paid, and had enforceable contracts with them etc. at this point, as you say, there are far worse evils to contend with.

another good point is how the hate for "major labels" somehow morphed into "labels" in the current tech zeitgeist. a whole generation's been duped into thinks every "label" is "evil". what about the thousands of great, ethical, profitable indie labels...? most kids are incapable of making the distinction (or could care less)...