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^^ I've always preferred to think the movement was based on people, not on money, but now that I look back, you're right of course.

I honestly don't know what the difference is. I had a nostalgia night a while ago after a gig (not starting one now as it's almost 5 am), but the amount of top quality local acts was astounding. When compared to what's available now, it was like comparing Marvin Gaye to Justin Bieber.

Tbh, I'd hate to think that the movement against the big three has anything to do with decline, as I'd hate to see what bands in the past fought so hard to achieve be wasted.
Don't know if it was based on money, but you do need resources to fuel a movement. But who knows, doubt any movement can be exactly about one thing.

I agree it is really sad to see so many people's hard work, to build music wasted. You can only hope to see it turn around I guess and personally don't see it being turned around until the rampant theft is dealt with. Then maybe we will be able to find a solution, but who knows, I don't have my crystal ball right now ha.

Like I said the saddest thing is that it seems a lot of the thought (anti-major label) has caught on 10 years late. But those ideas are aimed at the wrong people today. In my opinion those ideals should be aimed at everyone taking advantage of artists these days and not aimed at the majors. Basically there is worst evils these days.