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Tbh it's hard to tell what effect the decline has had down here in Sydney.

The local scene, which used to be full of top bands in the 90's, is pretty much full of the exact same bands. It's mainly attributed to the pokies, and taxes brought in by the state government, as well as new smoking laws, never really thought about label involvement.

I'd love to say the current state of affairs has had a positive influence on local music, and I honestly see no reason why it shouldn't of, but I find it really sad that I can't say it has.

When you think of how anti-establishment that scene was in the 90's, it sucks that it now seems that the scene may of been dependent on the very establishment that it railed against.
True hard to say for sure and also we are talking 2 very distant scenes (I'm in USA). Also I have no exact numbers on the subject just personal observations. I am from a well known indie scene town in the states and it is depressing the change that has happened, especially when I talk to younger musicians in the area now about their goals and hopes it is depressing to say the least.

Before the big drop the anti major movement was really gaining traction. You had completely independent artists (distribution and label) selling numbers that was unheard of before. With the profits from these sales artists were setting up their own labels and signing their buddies and really making waves.

The movement wasn't relying on establishment as you put it, it was relying on money. Money is not bad, but what you do with it can be good or bad and these artists were using it for good. You could have a legit hope that maybe you or one of your buddies bands would strike a nerve locally and then you could count on your buddies to turn around and sign you to a subsidiary label and take you out on the road. A bit of a pyramid scheme but it worked. Now there is no money coming in to any of the regional scenes so your hopes of breaking out now are not there.

Put it this way in the late 90s you had independent artists selling more then majors do now. These artists would reinvest in the scene, it has nothing to do with relying on establishment, both are hurting from what we can not talk about on GS. The only difference is the establishment had more resources to hold on. Hence them around and the independent scene here is dead.

It's really sad when I see kids today using ideas from the 90s scene and relating it to what has happened to music today. In my eyes it is them missing the point.

Ha sorry for the random ramblings, in the studio working right now. So it can be hard to organize my thoughts.