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Problem is it will kill all the little guys (if it already hasn't) before the majors are "torn apart." As someone that was deeply invested in the indie movement (anti-major) movement of the 90s it is so sad to see what has happened to it.
Tbh it's hard to tell what effect the decline has had down here in Sydney.

The local scene, which used to be full of top bands in the 90's, is pretty much full of the exact same bands. It's mainly attributed to the pokies, and taxes brought in by the state government, as well as new smoking laws, never really thought about label involvement.

I'd love to say the current state of affairs has had a positive influence on local music, and I honestly see no reason why it shouldn't of, but I find it really sad that I can't say it has.

When you think of how anti-establishment that scene was in the 90's, it sucks that it now seems that the scene may of been dependent on the very establishment that it railed against.