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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
Most music is filler these days, filler to be used while engaged in other activities.

Long gone are those days of bringing home DSOTM, sinking into a bean bag chair, popping on the Koss headphones, lighting up the lava lamps, black lights and a joint and sinking into the music.

Try that with a kid these days and he will be squirming like a toad in no time.
The joint might help.

I must admit, its rare that i sit down and listen to a whole album these days without any distractions other than when i've first bought an album.

I don't think that's an indictment on the music, it's more a commentary on the ridiculous time demands mainstream society places on everybody these days. I work in the music industry almost full time, and even i struggle for timr to just chill and listen to some tunes. I'd hate to think what it's like for someone with a job job.