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The burning question is how many people use music as filler?

Probably a lot.

How many more are listening to music less and less?

I think it's increasing in numbers. The fact is, the 5 thousandth time you listen to that Radiohead album is 277 days of lost concentration. At 1/3 of those times listening to it with full on ears that's a lot for most people.

The younger people just play video games. The older people have jobs. There could be a ton of reading time fit into all of those hours you spend vibrating your ear drums. I think people accept music and like it, but there is more to life. Book sales are at 27.2 billion analog & digital, haven't taken the hits music has had, and they're even easier to pirate.

I quit listening to music for the most part about a year ago. I mostly listen to talk radio when I drive around. I still really like to play it and make strange noise, but I'm not as nearly as excited about bands and scenes as I used to be.
Most music is filler these days, filler to be used while engaged in other activities.

Long gone are those days of bringing home DSOTM, sinking into a bean bag chair, popping on the Koss headphones, lighting up the lava lamps, black lights and a joint and sinking into the music.

Try that with a kid these days and he will be squirming like a toad in no time.