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I think it's clear that music is as popular, if not more popular than before. With people's smart phones, tablets and home computers absolutely crammed with commercially released songs.
That no one wants to buy either. I disagree with your first line/premise.

Music has never been less important to a person's life than it is today. Just look around. Music defined your lifestyle, clothing and outlook 40 years ago.
The Beatles changed pop culture. That has not happened since.

As you mentioned, there are many more 'diversions' for folks these days. Some (mostly under 30) are addicted to smart phones. Who has time to listen to music when all your friends are yaking/texting?

I used to see people with earplugs listening to music. Now they are listening to their friends, playing games or surfing 'apps'.

When I was a kid I had a ball and a bat, a guitar and a record player, add the transistor radio. Music took up a lot of my spare time.

Look at today's kids, they are doing many more things and those things leave less time for music, unless it's included as background music while engaged in other activities. Sure, they have the music on, but are they really listening?