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Yeah, that's me and my recording...

This is many years ago and I don't remember in detail all the modifications I made with the A-77 (and I don't have the schematics anymore). But the low quality input cards were removed and I connected the line level from my custom built mic preamp directly to the potentiometers (as already mentioned in this thread). The stage between the potentiometers and the record head was of bad design and had quite high distortion, so I rebuild that stage to get lower distortion. The playback output stage has very high noise level in original (more hiss than from the tape, if I remember correctly) so that stage was redesigned for a much lower noise.

In my opinion the tape transport of the 15 ips speed A-77 was not too bad regarding wow/flutter and scrape flutter (modulation noise), but the quality of fast wind/rewind was terrible... it was necessary to brake the supply reel a little bit with a finger or the thumb when spooling for getting an acceptable tape cake... Today I would probably go for a Studer B-67, it's a much more pro machine (however, today I'm a happy owner of an Ampex ATR-102).

It's worth mentioning that if the 15 ips A-77 has NAB equalization it should be modyfied to use CCIR/IEC equalization for getting a better signal-to-noise ratio (I went yet further and used an unorthodox equalization beyond CCIR and therefore I got a very low tape noise).

Here is an excerpt from the record "Cantate Domino" (the end of track 1: choir, organ and brass ensemble) recorded in 1976 on the A-77 (no Dolby) with only 2 microphones. In 1993 I made this digital transfer (a number of transfers have been made over the years without my supervision).

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EDIT: I uploaded a new slightly longer file with possibly better mp3-conversion.
this recording is a ''piece of art''...thank you