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OK, fair enough...

I agree, that it effects everyone in the industry...but,

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Don't get me wrong, I'm of the opinion that a lot of tech companies have simply taken a huge part of the label's pie; and they put little or none of it back into the industry...
which would be fine if it was done legally. that's how markets work. but when it's done illegally, that's the problem.

if money is being made from the exploitation of a creators work, the creator should 1) have consent over the use (except where legally exempted) and 2) be compensated in that value chain.

do you really think that creators should not be protected from the illegal exploitation of their work? why is this ok on the internet but not ok for film studios and tv shows? why is it "sharing and exposure" on the internet but not the same if used in a major motion picture, hit tv show or massive brand commercial? why the double standard? or, do you think that artists should never be paid for the exploitation of their work? In which case, why all the bashing on the RIAA? The paradox of pirate logic never ceases to amaze me.