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LOL, graphs don't jump around for no reason...
that's what i was trying to point out to you. growth trends have natural cycles of peaks and valleys along their trajectory: those "little squiggly lines" represent any number of external events or forces on the trend within the timeline. you can't just isolate a portion of it (as you're doing again) to frame your argument. ahem...

but i'll take you up on it anyway, for fun.

Originally Posted by Deleted 0833250 View Post
The ninety's was the longest period of solid growth in history. The late ninety's particularly so, please explain the 4 year drop/plateau in a boom-time period? Absurd?
firstly: nineties. (that's how you spell "ninety's" mr. statistical wizard. here's a step by step guide to help you master the use of the apostrophe. it will go a long way towards people taking your expert analysis more seriously.)

to your show-stopping question: the tapering off in music sales at the end of the nineties is likely due to the widespread commercialization of the DVD at that time; technical leaps and bounds made in video gaming, (resulting in their exploding in popularity: the video gaming industry doubled their global revenue between 1990-99, with most of that growth happening in the second half of the decade); and the rising presence of the internet in peoples homes. those were all relatively new forms of entertainment in that exact period: all competing for the same pool of finite consumer dollars.

still with me? still unsure of how on earth it was possible that music sales experienced a slump right then?

we'll never know for sure if music sales would have rebounded and continued growing from that point on (although 30 years of data suggests it), but one thing is for certain: without the explosion of illegal file sharing that followed, music sales wouldn't have plummeted to the abominable levels we see today, and the industry would still be in fighting shape.

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