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Old 11th July 2012
Forget the past, that's in my rear-view mirror. Look at what's coming up.

Many US cities are now declaring bankruptsy, San Bernadino, CA is the latest this morning. Scranton, PA is reduced to paying policemen $7.25 per hour, minimum wage. The entire state of California is functionally bankrupt, they are pining for a Federal bailout that probably won't come.

Any 'glory years' in music profits are over. We are in a long term era of decline, according to business forcasters. Smart folks will adapt.

Unfortunatly, some still think the music biz is the same place of excess profits, private jets and glamour that seems to linger in people's minds even though those days are long gone.

The reality is it's never been more difficult to break in, hold on and make a decent living in music.

That doesn't seem to stop the dreamers though.