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no problem.

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... the paper says for children aged 5-14, internet access had a negative, but statistically insignificant effect, but for children aged 15-24, internet access had a statistically significant negative effect.

As far as this part of his conclusions are concerned, does this seem to bear reality so far as the primary market for music sales?
that's why i said the numbers seem more or less accurate. they seem fine in the middle and upper parts, but the age sampling is oddly grouped at the bottom of the study, which makes it hard to interpret with any accuracy. in the 15-24 group the author's assertions are certainly the case, but 5-14 straddles too wide a gap in development, and therefore the amount and type of internet use and music consumption across the swath. (that particular slice is fairly meaningless as it's presented in the paper. 10/12 to 15 would have been a lot more meaningful to analyze within the context of the study.)

but that's no biggie. what's inaccurate IMO is the author's rather naive assertion that the older end of the demographic data somehow balances out the losses at the younger end. it's patently untrue in both historical and actual context.