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there was one in particular that tracked reduced sales and increased P2P activity in markets with Broadband versus those with Dial Up. It pretty much resulted in what you'd expect... faster internet correlates to more P2P and less music sales...

and there's this...
Digital Music News - Broadband Penetration vs. Album Sales, 2000-2010...
The trend lines in that link appear to indicate that album sales decline with broadband penetration. Trendline analysis is a basic statistical tool, but it doesn't provide a measure of the degree of statistical association nor a statistical confidence factor (these terms used in the statistical measurement sense for those who never suffered through a course in statistics).

I was wondering if there's a link to any analysis that uses (a) regression analysis and (b) was written by someone who appears to be knowledgeable of the music industry.

For example, the author at the link below did some fairly substantial statistical analysis trying to sort out which demographic markets may have been affected by file sharing. I'm just not knowledgeable enough of the music industry to understand if the paper presents a realistic view of what actually goes on in the music industry. That's where I could use some help if anybody can critique the paper's understanding of the industry or direct me to a careful study by someone who appears to understand how music is actually marketed in the real world.