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two people... TWO have been prosecuted for "sharing." and BOTH could have settled.
The claim in the quote above is misleading enough to be outrightly false. Two lawsuits in the United States against individuals alleged to have shared copyrighted material have been executed through the courts to [near|final] conclusion, but many, many, many more targets were extorted for settlement fees, and the RIAA had dropped their prosecution in many other cases whose defendants were prepared to fight in court were dropped after it was clear the settlement extortion tactic would not work (three illustrative links).

From the EFF's five year report on the RIAA's campaign:
The RIAA filed 5,460 lawsuits during 2004, ringing in the new school year with a wave of suits against university students and bringing the total number of lawsuits to 7,437. By the end of 2005, the total number of suits had swelled to 16,087. In February 2006, at which point 17,587 had been sued, the RIAA stopped making monthly announcements regarding the precise number of suits being filed. As a result, it is now impossible to get an exact count of the total number of lawsuits that have been filed. The lawsuits, however, have continued, with the RIAA admitting in April 2007 that more than 18,000 individuals had been sued by its member companies, and news reports showing the number as of October 2007 to be at least 30,000.
Citations for the numbers above are provided in the report itself.

There's no need to try to rewrite history by downplaying the extent of RIAA's litigative efforts against individuals accused of file sharing. It was a shameful period, yes, but it is more shameful to so transparently mislead and misdirect.