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Yeah, but you are making all kinds of assumptions about independent labels, and what musicians should be doing.

So, you aren't running an indie label, you haven't produced anything that has been shared against your wishes, you haven't extensively toured over several years?

You didn't say "I think Jimi spent most of his life on the road".
Maybe the truth hurts or something man, but I haven't said anything that has not been said before...why not just take me up on a point you disagree with in discussion rather than trying to discredit my opinion because "I haven't lived it"...from what I've read you're a studio drummer/session musician (or is that another Chris Whitten?), that's not exactly at the forefront of the music scene either, no you actually have many royalties on the projects you've worked on?

FWIW, my uncle worked around the music industry most of his life...I never said something like "my record was stolen, poor me", so I'm not sure what your problem is.

Read that; never met the fellow you disagree?