thread: MS-20 problems
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Old 10th July 2012
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Thats a bummer man. :(

Your pulse Width-knob is working corretly though. The width of the pulse get so narrow that the waveform simply dissapears past 3'o'o clock - perfectly normal on an MS-20.

I have experienced the same problem with the lfo bleed on another synth. Was two dried out capacitors in the psu that was really easy to fix. Might not be the same issue here but perhaps it is.

Tough question if you should fix it with the help of your friend or send it back. It's proberbly an easy fix but they did rip you off and this kind of behaviour should have consequences. Maybe tell them whats wrong and ask them to cover the repair? Perhaps a long shot but If you send it back they will most likely just rip someone else off.