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Originally Posted by Deleted 0833250 ➡️
I think it's more that the quality of A LOT music around these days isn't much better than a background soundtrack...
in your personal opinion.

i happen to think there's more great music being produced today than ever; the good stuff's just a lot harder to find under the mountain of free garbage, which is also being produced in greater quantity than ever before. (you see where i'm going with this... )

Originally Posted by Deleted 0833250 ➡️
Don't forget they had music radios throughout the last century: this was music obtained for free, and was experienced mostly "in the background"...
except you left out 2 uber important differences: radio was in the moment, listeners didn't have repeatable and unlimited access to the music like they do with free mp3s and streaming: unless they bought the records they liked. radio used to drive transactional sales. that's no longer the case unfortunately for artists and labels.

for many, that means their life's work has been reduced to a playlist on some soccer mom's ipod that she'll listen to maybe once while playing tennis, and never really appreciate: and certainly will never pay for. a lofty aspiration for the art form (and artist) indeed!