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Originally Posted by bobsax ➡️
Any suggestions for somebody not interested in marketing tools, just a cheap and simple way to distribute to as many sites as possible?
I used TuneCore but they got too expensive.
There's a small (but growing) niche audience for recordings of unusual instruments and historical songs but in stock-market verbiage it's a long term small growth stock. Tunecores fees were eating up all the income.

Catapult is sounding like the best for me. Anybody have experience with them?
from their site;
We charge a one time setup fee of $25 for each album submitted for digital distribution ($9 for singles or ringtones). After that, we pay you 91% of the royalties received from the respective music store. There are no hidden fees. How's that for fair?

For example: If iTunes sells one of your songs for .99 cents. They would pay us .70 cents, and we would then pay you 91% of the .70 cents.
What are you talking about with Tunecore's fees? Unless I completely missed something; you pay $50 a year and that's it. Any other fees are the fees that individual digital stores charge. If you went direct with Itunes you still only get 70cents per 99cent song.

Doing simple math, if you are hoping to do ...say $5000 or $10000 in sales per year over 2 years (just picking random #s that seem at least semi ambitious)... you would make $6,900 or $13,900 through tunecore (including $100 fee for 2 years) versus $6,355 or $12,649 through Catapult.

Saving you $500 - $1200 ish by using Tunecore if you're planning on making anything decent.

If you think you may only make like $500-$1000 a year or less you will save a few bucks going with Catapult or a similar service.

I mean we're talking the price of a videogame (less actually) to release your music in every primary digital store i guess in the grand scheme i don't see the big deal either way if we're talking about saving $20 or $50 a year