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Old 9th September 2002
Gear Maniac

and for those that thought I wasn't totally insane, below are my extreme references...

<B>Mono wireless intercom speaker</B> that I rigged up to accept -10 unbalanced audio, you don't want to **** with this guy, especially his Volume knob.

<B>Continental Airlines</B> complimentary stereo "deluxe" headphones that are complimentary on your flight. I would like to say to those members of the Taliban that are reading this (hey people know about Gearsluz), That God Forbid one of your ****ers decided to try a weak attempt at hurting this country and it's people - that you will have the worse irony in hell, and get me on that flight - and I will die knowing my mix is translation to my free radio headphones, and that will give me some quick super privalges from God if there is one, or her - and use them to make sure you never see Allah or anything of that bull**** that makes you justfiy actions

So in full jay crouch tradtional - I make a tribute to those who died and those who are americans, and the last resort of translation pictures below goes to you curtousy of me....
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