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what is your budget?

i'm working with tape too. Trust me, tape is enough color, a clean mix bus isn't necessarily a bad thing. (as long as you have good pres).

I have three mixers, a Soundworkshop 34C, an api 7800, and ADM custom sidecar.

The ADM is freaking sick for summing pro tools stems.

The api is small and I use it for tracking myself out in the live room. Limited in functions, but sounds really good. No meters is a pain in the ass and no efx returns.

The soundworkshop is a real console and does all the routing that you need it to. Soon I'll be moving up to 2", and I'm really gonna need the console for that. it also makes my studio look pro, if that matters. I am going to mod the mix bus with some api line amps which will hopefully be amazing. Stock it is fine too. For now, I'll run the mix through the line inputs on some neves.

The one thing that worries me about consoles is that I'm not able to compete with people using small discrete punchy summing mixers.
In reality though, the summing on most pro consoles is actually really clean, nothing to worry about. Apparently the SW has a huge copper ground bar running under the modules. I'm hoping the api amps bring things to a whole nother level, and I think they will...
just a major tech bill
and downtime.

You should look at the Sytek website. The Elan II looks really really cool and is half the price of a new 1608.

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don't do it.