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Playing piano at Glenn Gould's level, or cello like YoYo Ma is easily comparable to brain surgery. IMO, probably more skilled.

Plenty of average surgeons around who can't fix a bone right, and someone ends up with an inferior arm or leg for their whole life; or guys who regularly don't remove a tumor properly...even though they've been doing it for years...they get away it by "oh well we're working with natural phenomena, sometimes it just doesn't work out"...I wish I could've used that line in my diploma exams when I ****ed up a phrase...

(Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking surgeons, I know someone who's life was saved just because he had an aneurism from a tumor in a city where one of the top brain surgeons happened to be in. He was on holiday there...operation cost 100s of thousands of dollars. They told him if it had happened anywhere else he probably would've died.
I'm just saying that qualifying as a general surgeon isn't much more than a piano player with a BA...difference is, one will walk out of college with a career.)