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Old 23rd June 2012
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Those busses are for outputting your 8-16 tracks to a optional outboard expander. Unless you have the rack like me that has the 8 outs built in.

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Thanks MixedSignals. My question is are you not losing signal quality everytime you remaster? I guess I could just try it and find out. But, also, do you mixdown your songs through the ASR or do you go into the computer. I kind of thought that it was a good idea to try and save the effect (especially something like reverb) until the mixing process (as opposed to tracking). Do you ever feel like the effects are too permanent that way (using resampling...)?
Just a thought, I'll definitely mess around.

MIDIchlorian, have you ever been able to have separate effects on different instruments? For me, if I change the effect on one instrument, it changes it for the other instruments.

Finally, I see in the Edit:Amp section that it lists busses. But I don't understand how to manipulate the busses...Are they all hardwired?