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Asr-10 effects

Hey guyz,
I've read thru the effects section in the manual a couple times and I'm still confused.
-Can different instruments have different effects at the same time?
-Can the same instrument have multiple effects (not the stock/Rom multi-effect presets i.e. rev+chor etc, but taking any two effects and layering them)?

So as I see it, Rom effects are just presets that are permanently saved in the internal memory, Bank effects are global FX and instruments FX apply to individual instruments.

When a Rom effect is edited it becomes the Bank effect.

Now I just can't seem to figure out how to select what effect is the instrument effect.
In EDIT/EFFECTS you can select which sub-preset or VARIATION for that given preset and then you can go ahead and fine tune those settings. But how do you change the overall instrument effect (i.e. delay instead of reverb) without going to ROM and subsequently changing the bank. Or how do you delete the bank effect altogether?

I've read about the Bussing a little. I think I get how to route TO the buses but I don't understand how to set what each bus affects.

It seems to me like there can only be one effect per instrument unless you use the preset combinations.

Sorry to ramble but this has been a white elephant in the room since I got this thing, while slowly but surely I've been able to solve other problems...

Appreciate the help.