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i've noticed a difference in sound on mine too, i just figured since it was done very amateurish that it had something to do with that and maybe the individual outs were funky (they weren't solid by any means that's for sure), i suppose it could make sense that the difference i am hearing is the lack of the internal summing though?

ummm...i don't really use the individual outs often at all, about never, this is ghetto but instead i send the single channel into my daw, i split into 2 channels and have an eq on each, channel one is eq'd so it's just the low end up to a bit over 120 or so hz ramping way down, channel 2 is eq'd the opposite, so i end up with a lo channel, and a mids and hi channel, i then effect those and adjust those levels then bus them right back into each other...again, not the most elegant way but i really dig how it has been working out for me