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Old 11th June 2012
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TR-606 with separate audio outs. differences in sound ?

hello everyone

I just had my tr606 modded with a kenton 5 audio out kit,
allowing the tr606 to feature separate outputs for each of its drum sounds.

I'm trying to A/B compare the sounds when coming out of the main mono output and out of the dedicated outputs I just had installed.

I compared the sounds in solo (ie when outputting from the main mono out I turned down all of the volume knobs except for the one I was comparing)

I can hear a certain difference, subtle but yet existing:
for example the snare and the hihats they sound more crispy and full of high frequencies when out of their separate outputs than when out of the main mono output.
I'd say they loose a bit of their 'old-skool' flavour when out of the dedicate separate audio outs, making a bit more difficult than I thought to recreate the same groove feeling I have out of the main mono out.

it's not only a matter of levels, there's also something slightly different in the sound quality.

maybe it is something related to the sound path or to the internal 606 mixer giving to the sounds a different charachter?

are you experiencing the same behaviour with your 606s?