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[HELP] Vestax PMC 06 PRO VCA mixer - sound bleed

Hi to all Gearslutz,
not sure if i am posting in the right section ,
but here it comes:

I can hear a very tiny soft sound bleeding from the Vestax master outputs with all faders closed on my Vestax pmc 06 PRO VCA with alternative crossfader installed ( innofader from audioinnovate)

The bleeding is not percivable on the normal room master volumes ,
but if i crank the master and the line gains all the way up
i can hear the bleed!

Firstly i thought that its something to do with the innofader,
but today i've replaced the innofader with Vestax original crossfader
and i still hear the sound bleed ?!!

so , its obviously something to do with Vestax 06 internal electronics....

how to identify the source of this soft sound bleed?

anyone ever came across the same problem?

thanks in advance for any ideas