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Originally Posted by Sirocco
A lot of songs I hear on commercial joints, the music seems to be pushed back a tad, im comparison to the vocals. Is this usually done in the mixing or mastering process?
For the stuff coming out of "upper" level studios with well known artists, in nearly all cases the balance between vox and instruments has been well agonized over in the mix stage - so in most of these cases the mastering engineer attempts to preserve this balance that is already in the mix also in the master.

I deal with a lot of hip-hopstuff made in mid to lower end project studios, and in these cases often times the balance is all over the place - so I've done things like bring up the Mid channel and boost up the mids in the area where the vox lies for when given stuff where the vox is buried - or done multiband compression on the just one band covering vox's freq area to tame a mix where the vox really pokes over the rest of the mix. Really what is done is assessed on a track by track basis.

But in most hip-hop - the vox is the most important element (closely followed by kick & snare).

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