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Hi Al,

First off, thanks so much for doing this. Your records are my gold standard! Just wondering what you do differently when recording (and/or) mixing a live record as apposed to a studio record. Granted when you're doing Krall records with everyone in the same room, it's essentially a live record - but how do you approach things like room mic levels, monitor bleed and heavily multi-mic'd orchestras (a la Chris Botti Live in Boston)?


Alex Chaloff
Good question Alex. It can be a bit tricky. We try and set up the band so that they are all comfortable, and can see and hear properly. Then I try to pick the right mics and use the patterns for as much isolation as I can get. After that it's just balance. We usually hang a few mics in the audience that we use in the surrounds if it's a 5.1 mic. In the past we've used clip on mics for the strings. Sometimes it works, usually they don't sound very good but can be helpful when if problems arise. Al