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No, it isn't. Drumming WELL is hard. Drumming well enough to make a living at it is so hard that only a relatively few people can do it.

Honestly when I posted that it was almost tongue in cheek because I thought it was a completely self-evident statement. I'm wondering if you two aren't reading way more into it than you should or interpreting it as though I meant something way more profound or nuanced than I ever meant.

And I think you're flat wrong about the prevalence of people who drum.

According to an older US Census report, approximately 30% of all adults 15+ are amateur musicians. The CIA World Fact Book estimates the July 2006 population size of this demographic is 237,637,496. That’s a projected 71.3 million adults. In this group, according to various industry reports, there are 1 million drummers.

That's a cut & paste from a Google search, but even if it's half right I think we can conclude that there are a whole lot more people drumming that there are people good enough to make a living at it.

And to answer your question, no I'm not a drummer. I did get a kit a couple of years ago and I can play it well enough to record the simple drum parts I need with it. It took me practicing 30 minutes a day for a couple of months. Easy...I got to that point with drums a whole lot faster than I got to where I could record guitar starting from zero.

Now, am I a GOOD drummer? Anywhere good enough to make a living at it? Hell no! That would be hard and require a lot of practice.
Of the people who are active musicians (who play real instruments) probably 70% are guitar players (including bassists for the sake of this estimate), 10% are keyboard players, 5% are drummers, and 10% are everything else. Speaking of their primary instrument. That's my educated guess, anyway.

Part of the reason for the shortage of drummers may be that it's a rare breed of parent who will allow their kid to have a set of drums in the house....