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@Win users: Roundtone v.3.0.1 is available. Please download it from the same last link.

About the great beta-testers: as you probably imagined, it was an error in the licensing code! You couldn't see it.


- wow and flange are now linked in a machine
- several new sync delay modes added. More divisions and longer up to 4 beats. You have to set it again in your projects if you used it

Testing and setting Mac versions.
Hey Quinto,
the new version works better, no more uncontrollable delay madness.
Though there is still some hassle with the on/off buttons. Some instances show up with every button activated, some with everything deactivated.
Then it's sometimes unpredictable if a function is activated or not >.<
Instance linking still doesn't work like in v2...when I open a new instance of roundtone and set for example "tape machine d", the shared parameters don't get shared to this instance (at least GUI doesn't get updated).

I'm using the 64 bit version of Roundtone v3 in Reaper 4.22 x64