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You have to pay room and board no matter what you're doing. It's not an expense specific to college. You think musicians get room and board for free?

College students often get room and board subsidized with inexpensive dorms and cafeterias. Musicians don't. Unless they're at college, of course.

If you freakin' live at home with your parents your room and board still cost money - it's just not you who's paying for it.

If you don't want to pay room and board go live in a cave in the woods and hunt your food with a bow and arrow!
You clearly don't have much knowledge about college if you think that. College is not just a money commitment, it's a time commitment as well. While most people have these things called full time jobs to pay for their "room and board". College students generally have part time or summer jobs that pay crap (if they are taking easy classes, pre-med and hard sciences doesn't belong in that category).

Effectively, it's like living unemployed for four years, while having to pay absurd amounts of money for books and tuition. Student debt is a huge problem.